We define Knowledge Management as the application of management principles, such as planning, organizing, directing and controlling, to the processes of knowledge creation and/or acquisition, storage, dissemination, and use. These activities are altogether aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of knowledge and information systems.

As knowledge and information, generally, is used by all organisations, our services are of high utility to most organisations. Despite this reality, our efforts are targeted at public policy-making institutions, with the conviction that the efficiency in their knowledge and information systems will have a direct impact on their productivity.

Our work is targeted at policymaking institutions within government establishments on the African continent. Specifically, we work with the Executive, Legislature, Civil and Local Government institutions on the continent.

Our services range from:

  • The delivery of training for individual capacity development 

  • Direct interventions such as the synthesis of knowledge across sectors for our partners, and
  • The offers of “information as a service” product range at the demand

Our training services, for instance, covers essential skills to access, appraise, synthesize, communicate and use research, evidence and general knowledge.