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Stop confusing ‘search results’ with ‘research results’ — Google has not ‘confirmed’ any claim that the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana is the Biggest Liar (24th August 2020) download
Managing Coronavirus in Ghana — Use bulk of funds for research-related activities (13th March 2020) download
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Strategic plan download
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Sector Overview for EIPM (the health sector in Ghana) download
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The Policymaking Process in Ghana: a Step-by-Step Discussion of Opportunities for Evidence Uptake download
The Policymaking Process in Ghana: A 10-step flowchart (diagram) download
Setting the Agenda for EIPM in Ghana click here
Using VakaYiko’s EIPM toolkit post-programme: a case of the Ethiopian Ministry of Health Workshop click here
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VakaYiko EIPM Toolkit click here
Context Matters Framework click here